Make Your Mind Your Best Ally

It looks like that after Federer and Nadal another player is about to dominate the men’s tennis for quite some time: the new Wimbledon champion and new #1 – Novak Djokovic.
I shared my thoughts on the final match on the blog so let’s see what’s new…
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a) Novak Djokovic is living his dream today. His tennis was for 3 sets at the highest level in men’s tennis and Rafael Nadal didn’t have many chances to turn the match around.
I share some of my worries for Rafa when it comes to future matches with Novak.
Your thoughts are welcome!
b) Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in match where I believe Tsonga got completely in the zone in the last 3 sets.
Could Federer have done something to break Tsonga’s perfect mental state?
I think he could have…
By the way, I’d also like to congratulate Katarina Srebotnik of Slovenia for winning the women’s doubles title at this year’s wimbledon with Kveta Peschke.
Go Slovenia! ;)
Enjoy your summer tennis (I do). Until next newsletter issue…
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4 thoughts on “Make Your Mind Your Best Ally

  1. Tomaz’s analysis is rather poor. Truth is that Novak can do well against Rafa because he has a splendid backhand to match all of his other strokes that the big guys have. All the other big guys have a good backhand but not a fantastic backhand; that was the key.
    Rafa is so good because he exploits weaknesses; he makes Federer look like an average player by playing relentlessly to his backhand. He could not exploit Djoko; and he gets confused where to hit.
    I think the Rafa response to the cross-court Djoko forehand was good (he was hitting hard with his cross-court backhand with a good angle), but he was making more mistakes than usual from the forehand side.

    Any other thoughts?

  2. While I’m not a seasoned and experienced tennis fan, all I can say is that Nadal needs some more time to figure out how to match up against Djoko’s skills. And although I agree that Nole’s bullet backhand may have been his weapon against Nadal, that was not the deciding factor in yesterday’s match, in my opinion. Much of the points that Nole lost were due to his own faults (rather than forced errors), and vice versa for Nadal. Luck did play a slight role in yesterday’s match and while Nadal did try his best, I’ve definitely seen him play better. The bottom line is, maybe it’s not so bad that a newbie takes the number one spot so the sport is not so predictable as it has been for the past 7 and a half years, with only two players dominating the number 1 ranking. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time before Nadal builds up his confidence again – smaller tournaments like Rogers Cup are a good start!

  3. I think that both nadal and djoko were playing well yesterday. The big difference was the mental factor. Nadal had not beaten Nole yet this year and Nole went in with a huge amount of confidence and real belief that he was going to win. I think Rafa might’ve realized now how Roger feels everytime he has to play Nadal! He is afraid of him. The fear of losing can be much stronger than the desire to win. That is why so few very talented players (biggest example here is Murray) just crack under pressure. Nadal will win more majors in the next few years. The question is, will he win the ones where Nole is across the net!? And will Nole win when Roger is there?

    US open should be veeeeery interesting.
    I agree with Nardin that it keeps things interesting when new faces win.
    Rivarlies are good for tennis- and the definition of a rivarly is when 2 guys are beating each other consistently in the big tournaments. If one guy always wins, it is not a rivarly!


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